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Operating in Fort McMurray for over five years, Owning Everest is the professional choice for fitness, weight loss, and wellness solutions. We guide clients to mastering their health and well-being through mind, body, and spiritual support. As a full-service wellness company, our goal is for you to peacefully enjoy a stress-free journey.

Have a goal in mind, don’t know where to start, or sick and tired of being sick and tired? Rest assured you have come to the right place. Conveniently book your complimentary consultation with our Wellness Coach today.

Our approach is always a holistic approach. During your complimentary consultation our wellness coach will discuss where you are at, where you want to go, and what might be preventing you from getting there. We will then develop your plan and begin the journey to wellness.

  • 1. Complimentary Consultation
  • 2. Develop the Plan
  • 3. Begin the Journey

Based on your plan, our experienced team of professionals will provide mind, body, and spiritual support in the following areas:

  • Counselling
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chinese Medicine


All clients enjoy convenient monthly payment plans. Our wellness coach will tailor your wellness plan and treatments to best achieve your goals while maintaining your budget.

Plans start at $250 per month.

The professional choice for fitness,

weight loss, and wellness solutions.

Health tips

Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts

As a firm believer in fitness for health and wellness, I try my best to have a work out that fits my mood and what I am physically capable of doing on that day. Be mindful of your energy and  compassionate towards yourself if you cannot put out that 110% toward your workout that day. Remember: something is better than nothing and even nothing can be just a productive as something (rest is important too). Be kind towards yourself and you will reap the benefits in many ways not just in the gym!

How to Improve Your Sleep (The Owning Everest Way)!!

Sleep is so vital to our health that we frequently forget how important it is or become apathetic about it, saying things like, "I will sleep when I am dead." One area we can all improve upon is the quality and quantity of sleep. As I say to my clients, "we have 24 hours in a day and 8 hours of that must be devoted to a good nights rest for overall good health benefits." Therefore, I encourage my clients to meet that challenge. And the reason: sleep deprivation leads down a path to all sorts of short term and long term issues.   For example: 1. We need energy and if we are sleep deprived; our bodies will make up that energy and sluggishness with sugar cravings (I was a mother with a newborn and I have a first hand account of how true this is). And if you are trying to get fit and live healthier, being sleep deprived will not help you over come weigh issues due to this fact.   2. Now, this point connects with the above information. People who tend to be short on sleep are 10-20lbs heavier than those who get good sleep (most nights than not).   3. Long term sleep deprivation has been linked to heart disease and mental health issues These are just a few facts related to sleep. The point! Get your Zzzzz... and your will live and feel the benefits. And above all, this health benefit costs nothing to implement and the rewards are exponential to your health. Good Night!!

Our clients receive life-

changing results that last!

Owning Everest guides and supports clients on their journey to wellness by removing blockages in the mind, body, and spirit. To us wellness means more than shedding a few pounds or eating healthier. We help clients become masters of their life by taking a holistic approach and providing life-changing results that last! From counselling to coaching, nutrition to personal training, you can peacefully enjoy your stress-free journey to wellness.

All Owning Everest staff are professionally educated, certified, and trained. We have diverse backgrounds in areas such as nursing, counselling, personal training, nutrition, yoga, Pilates, and much, much more. Most importantly, we have life experience and relate to our clients.


“Welcome to Owning Everest, I am thrilled our paths have crossed. With a masters in nursing and working in the healthcare system for over a decade, I began to feel frustrated with the lack of mental and physical guidance patients are facing. I personally know goals such as weight loss are difficult to achieve if we do not have mind, body, and spiritual balance. Also certified in personal training and yoga, combined with my own 20-year journey, I wanted to take wellness to the next level. Owning Everest and our team of like-minded professionals are here to help and look forward to meeting you.”

Carla Sparrow

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